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California 4-H Youth Summit

The California 4-H Management Board is proud to announce the California 4-H Youth Summit! 

Youth Summit events are three day weekend leadership experiences for youth, planned by youth. 

Each of the four areas - Northern, Bay/Coast, Central & Southern, of California 4-H, host a youth summit event annually.  Click here to view the 4-H Area map.

Youth are welcome to participate in any of these events as it is not required for them to attend the event that is hosted in their own area.

Click here for a summary of each Youth Summit.  There are hot links in the document that will take you directly to the specific Summit's registration form.

These youth summit events replace these previous leadership conferences: We Help Youth (WHY), Creating a Leader (CAL), Leadership Conference of Regional Teens (LCORT), and the Teen Involvement Conference (TIC).

Northern (formerly WHY) - for youth ages 11-19
Bay/Coast (formerly CAL) - for youth ages 11-13
Central (formerly LCORT) - for youth ages 11-14
Southern (formerly TIC) - for youth ages 11-19

For the four summit details visit the State 4-H YDP website at: http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/Summits/

Area 4-H Presentation Day Events

4-H'ers who achieved a gold award at their County 4-H Presentation Day are eligible to compete at the next level of competition, Area Presentation Day.

Qualifying 4-H members may choose to participate in one Area Presentation Day.

For information about other area presentation days, please visit the Area Presentation Day event page at: http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/AreaPresentation/.