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Presentation Day

2019 4-H Presentation Day

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sierra Vista K-8 School

301 Bel Air Drive

Vacaville, CA 95687


Check in begins at 9:15 a.m.

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, February 26 at 9 a.m.

Questions:  Contact Valerie Williams at vawilliams@ucanr.edu


Deadline: Tuesday, February 26 at 9 AM.

Entry is only available online, via the form links below:

2019 4-H Presentation Day INDIVIDUAL Registration Form
2019 4-H Presentation Day TEAM Registration Form
2019 4-H Presentation Day SHARE THE FUN Registration Form

WHO MAY ENTER:  All 4-H members are invited to enter.  Primary members 5 through 8 years of age, by December 31, 2018, may enter a presentation, but will not be evaluated.  4-H members may enter in either the individual or team categories.  Additionally the 4-H member may be a member of a Share the Fun team. 

Dual Entries:  Members who qualify for both State Fashion Revue and State Presentation Day should be aware of additional participant rules.  If you sign-up for a Share the Fun presentation, you cannot compete in the State Fashion Revue.  Share the Fun and State Fashion Revue conflict too much to accommodate participation in both.  All other Presentation participants can participate in both contests.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE!  If you enter and then are unable to participate, please notify Valerie at vawilliams@ucanr.edu, before the day of the event.


8:45 AM   Orientation for Evaluators and Room Hosts
9:15 AM   Presenters arrive and report to assigned rooms
9:45 AM   Opening assembly
10:00 AM   Presentations begin
1:30 PM   Awards assembly (Time is approximate)
2:00 PM   On your way home (Time is approximate)

Throughout the day:

Downtime Activities:

Slime Station
Primary Member Fun
Cuddle Me Close (come sew a blanket)

Community Service:

Bring donations for the Solano County 4-H STEM Program - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

4-H STEM Wish List 2018-2019
3’ wading pool, hard plastic Paper towels Glycerin, topical
Dawn dish washing detergent 9” balloons White Vinegar, 1 gallon
Blue tape (painter’s masking tape) 12” flat plastic ruler Corn starch, 3lb, 4oz
Cellophane tape dispenser refill roll Clip boards Baking soda, 5lb
Acrylic clear tabletop display 8.5”x11” Measuring tape Disk batteries 
Plates, 9” paper Children’s safety scissors Kinetic sand
Plates, 6” paper Scissors Straws 
Plates, 6” foam Binder clips Cash
8 oz or larger, white school glue Alligator clip leads  

Types of Presentations

There are many different types of presentations, which allow the participant to choose the format most appropriate to their topic and goals.

  1. Demonstration
  2. Illustrated Talk
  3. Science or Engineering Presentation
  4. Educational Display Talk
  5. Informative Prepared Speech
  6. Persuasive Prepared Speech
  7. Impromptu Speech (Topic list can be found here)
  8. Interpretive Reading
  9. Share the 4-H Fun Skits
  10. Cultural Arts

Each of these presentation types is described in detail in the California 4-H Presentation Manual; blank copies of the rubrics that are used to score each type of presentation can also be found there.  Example videos of each presentation type can be found at http://4h.ucanr.edu/Projects/Leadership/PublicSpeaking/

Special Recognition at 2019 STATE 4-H PRESENTATION DAY:

California 4-H offers thematic recognition pins for youth who participate at State 4-H Presentation Day and focus their presentations on one of the four focus areas below. Participants may only choose one focus area for their presentation, and the area must be the primary topic of the presentation.

  • Civic Engagement (Citizenship): Community Engagement
  • Healthy Living: Careers in Health 
  • Leadership (Positive Youth Development): Leaders
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Computer Science 

All presentation formats are eligible; except Impromptu Speech. Please visit Recognition Opportunities for more information, including complete descriptions, resources, and eligibility requirements.

For more information on State Field Day please click on this link.

Deadline for Evaluators:
Deadline: Tuesday, February 26 at 9 AM.

2019 4-H Presentation Day Evaluators & Room Host Registration Form

Each club must supply THREE people to evaluate and at least
ONE room host on Solano County 4-H Presentation Day.
IN ADDITION, for every TWO entries, each club must supply 1 evaluator.

Teen evaluators must be at least 16 years of age and have previously given a presentation.  Room Hosts must be 12 years old or above and have previously given a presentation. Orientation of evaluators and room hosts will be held at 8:45 AM the morning of the event.

You will be receiving a packet of orientation materials via email prior to the event.

Lunch:  You may bring a sack lunch.
Food items will be available for purchase.

The Vaca Valley 4-H Club will have items available for purchase.  All proceeds from sales will benefit the Lynne Burns 4-H Memorial Scholarship.



Muffins/Donuts          $1.00
Coffee/Hot Chocolate  $1.00


Hot Dog $3.00
Hot Dog w/Chili $4.00
Hot Dog Meal $5.00
Hot Dog Meal w/Chili $6.00
Nachos $4.00
Nachos w/Chili $5.00
Cup of Chili $3.00
Chips $1.00
Water or Soda $1.00

**Meal - Includes Chips and a beverage.

Driving Directions to Vacaville.  Follow the 4-H arrow signs:

From Dixon:
Take I-80 West toward Vacaville
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 57 for Leisure Town Road
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Leisure Town Road
Continue on
Leisure Town Road for 3.65 miles
Turn Right onto Alamo Drive, continue for 1.31 miles
Turn Right onto Bel Air Drive
The school is on the left
From Fairfield/Vallejo/Benicia:
Take I-80 East toward Vacaville
Take exit 53 for Alamo Drive
Keep Right to take the Alamo Drive South off ramp
Merge onto Alamo Drive
Continue on Alamo Drive 2.38 miles                                                  
Turn Left onto Bel Air Drive
The school is on the left
From Rio Vista:
Take Highway 12 West (6.40 miles) to CA-113
Turn Right CA-113, continue 7 miles
Turn left onto Fry Road, continue 6 miles
Fry Road becomes Alamo Drive at stoplight
Continue on Alamo Drive 1.3 miles
Turn Right onto Bel Air Drive
The school is on the left