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Countywide Projects

** 2018-2019 Countywide Projects
will be posted below


In an effort to offer 4-H members a greater variety of projects, some volunteers offer their 4-H projects on a countywide basis. 

We will continue to manage countywide projects in the same fashion as last year. Countywide projects are associated with the primary club of the leader offering the project.  

To enroll in a countywide project:

Parent/guardian goes to and completes the following steps:

  • On the clubs tab select the host club and add the club
  • Next, on the projects tab:
  • Select the host club tied to the countywide project
  • Select the countywide project
  • Select years in the project
  • Click add project

*****   This page is updated regularly!   *****

Thank you for your patience.

Countywide Projects for the 2018-19 program year.


 Click on the Project Name to see the description, meeting dates & time and location.

Project Name Club Name Project Leader Email
Equine-Horse, 9-19 yrs Elmira Rojana Turner 
Foods-Preservation, 9-19 yrs Elmira Sharon Tiernan-Lang 
Video Production, 11-19 yrs Elmira  Jessica Mauldin  
Shooting Sports-Pistol, 14-19 yrs  Maine Prairie  Ed Coffelt 
Shooting Sports-Rifle, 9-19 yrs   Maine Prairie   Ed Coffelt 
Shooting Sports-Shotgun, 9-19 yrs  Maine Prairie   Ed Coffelt 
Dog, 9-19 yrs Pleasants Valley Elyse Prunty 
Guide Dogs and Service Animals, 9-19 yrs Sherwood Forest Bridget Stephens 
Arts & Crafts: Rainbow Loom, Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Audrey Ritchey 
Arts & Crafts-Rainbow Loom, 9-19 yrs Tremont Audrey Ritchey 
Birds-Poultry-Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Audrey Ritchey 
Birds-Poultry - 9-19 yrs Tremont Audrey Ritchey 
Career Exploration, 9-19 yrs Tremont   Roselle Ritchey 
Cavies-Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont  Audrey Ritchey 
Cavies - 9-19 yrs Tremont Audrey Ritchey 
Dog - 9-19 yrs Tremont Kelli Wilkerson 
Foods-Microwave Magic, Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Audrey Ritchey 
Foods-Microwave Magic, 9-19 yrs Tremont Audrey Ritchey 
Rabbits, 9-19 years  Tremont  Stephanie Switzer 
Rabbits – Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont  Audrey Ritchey 
Birds-Poultry 9-19 yrs Vaca Valley Vickie Pringle 
Cats-Solano County 4-H Orphan Kitten Program, 9-19 yrs  Vaca Valley Vickie Pringle 
Cattle-Beef, 9-19 yrs  Vaca Valley Gary Glass   451-8442
Swine, 9-19 yrs  Vaca Valley Vickie Pringle 


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