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New Adult Volunteers


A volunteer leader must be 18 years or older. A 4-H adult volunteer cannot simultaneously be a 4-H member. All NEW 4-H adult volunteers, and those returning adult volunteers who have had a break in service of one year or more (If you are not sure, please send an email to vawilliams@ucanr.edu), must complete items a-f below.Returning volunteers must complete items a-d below. An adult interested in serving as an adult volunteer is eligible for “appointment” by the Director after completing the required steps below.

The following mandatory items must be completed within 30 days of initiating ANY step of the enrollment process.  

a-d – Returning adult volunteeers
a-f – New & returning adult volunteers with a break in service.

  1. Complete 4-H Online enrollment.
  2. Complete and submit a 4-H Adult Treatment Authorization form.
  3. Complete and submit a Project Leader Agreement 2016-17 (PDF).
  4. Submit Program Fees - $20 for the 2016-2017 Program Year (checks to be made payable to:  Your 4-H Club)
  5. Secure background investigation clearance.
  6. Complete online orientation and pass the quiz with a score of at least 18 of 20 correct.

 Before service as a volunteer begins, the Capitol Corridor Director must confirm your appointment prior to any involvement with youth. Your status in 4HOnline must be ACTIVE.

1.  Background Investigation Clearance:  Have your fingerprints taken through Live Scan.
     You will need 3 copies of the Request for Live Scan form.  Complete the
     Information section.

  • 1 copy stays at the Live Scan location
  • 1 copy returned immediately to Valerie Williams (either scan & email vawilliams@ucanr.edu, submit it in person or mail to 501 Texas St., 1st Floor, Fairfield,  CA  94533).
  • 1 copy for your records

Request for Live Scan Service 7-21-16 (PDF)

For all California Live Scan sites, click on the link below.

Live Scan Fingerprint Services Locations

2.  Watch the orientation video.

  • All new Adult Volunteers must watch the orientation video and complete and pass the Orientation Quiz prior to working with youth.  You may watch the video as many times as you like, and you may re-take the quiz.  The video is located here:  http://www.ca4h.org/Resources/Volunteers/4-H_Volunteer_Orientation/
  • The video is organized into three modules.  There are short breaks between modules so it is easy to view in segments.  The video runs 24 minutes long and may be viewed multiple times.
  • In order to be a certified 4-H Volunteer Leader, you must complete and PASS the following quiz, score of at least 18 correct, after viewing the video at this link: Solano County Volunteer Orientation Quiz 2016-17 

3.  Complete and pass the Orientation Quiz.

  • You are required to complete the quiz in a single session.
  • You should plan an hour to complete the orientation.
  • Responses will not be saved if you exit before completion.
  • Once you have completed all questions, click "submit".