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North Bay Science Discovery Day 2022

Regional 4-H Presentation Day

April 9 thru April 23

Registration Deadline:  April 20 by midnight

4-H'ers who achieved a Gold or Blue award at their County 4-H Presentation Day, are encouraged to present in a Regional 4-H Presentation Day. You may present at ANY Regional 4-H Presentation Day. You can also present at multiple Regional 4-H Presentation Days if you would like to try to improve your score or get more practice.

For more information please visit the Regional Presentation Day event page at: http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/AreaPresentation/.


California 4-H Youth Summit

Friday March 26 thru Sunday March 28

Registration Coming Soon!

Youth Summit programs are designed to grow the leadership abilities of intermediate 4-H'ers (ages 11-13) and give hands-on leadership opportunities to senior 4-H'ers (ages 14+).  Participants are mentored by senior 4-H'ers and caring adult volunteers. Younger members develop stronger relationships with their older peers as they both develop their leadership skills.

Participants will receive all their join-in details from the Youth Summit Planning Team after registration has closed.

For the four summit details visit the State 4-H YDP website at:https://ucanr.edu/sites/4-HYouthSummits/