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4-H Complaint

Whenever possible, conflicts or issues should be attempted to be resolved at the level where the conflict occurs e.g. project level, club level, event level, or county level.

When conflicts cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the initiating level, the conflict should be taken to the next level for additional review.  On some occasions a conflict may need to be taken to the county level for assistance or resolution.  4-H YDP staff are available to help members, 4-H adult volunteers, and parents address conflicts and create solutions to problems, and for consultation and interpretation of policy and procedures.

This link http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Policies/Forms/ (scroll to:  Chapter 10: Business, Insurance and Risk Management in the 4-H Youth Development Program) will take you to the State 4-H website where you can find:



Hartford Insurance

The Hartford Insurance Company provides accident insurance coverage to protect volunteers if they are injured during the course of their volunteer activities. This policy also covers 4-H youth members and one-time participants in 4-H activities or programs.  The link below will take you to information about the insurance policies and the forms to submit a claim.

Please scroll to: 
   X.  4-H Accident and Sickness Insurance
         A. Required Participation in the California 4-H UC Accident/Insurance Program
               Insurance CA 4-H Accident/Sickness Insurance Program Brochure
          D. Filing an Accident/Sickness Claim Form


UC/ANR Incident Report

Incidents resulting in property loss/damage and/or causalities, including, theft, all vehicle accidents, and injuries to ANR volunteers, 4-H members, program participants, or visitor, must be reported within 48 hours of an incident.  The form can be found at: http://ucanr.edu/sites/risk/files/198435.pdf.