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UC 4-H Handbook for Families

View or download the handbook here.

Welcome to 4-H! This handbook lets families know what to expect from their 4-H experience including mission, time commitment, fees, meetings, and record keeping. Also covers roles of volunteers and staff, project opportunities, and how you can play a role.

Includes "If I only had known" advice from other parents and participants. and tips on how to enhance your child's experience in 4-H.

UC/ANR Incident Report

Incidents resulting in property loss/damage and/or causalities, including, theft, all vehicle accidents, and injuries to ANR volunteers, 4-H members, program participants, or visitor, must be reported within 48 hours of an incident.  The form can be found at: http://ucanr.edu/sites/risk/files/198435.pdf.

Hartford Insurance

The Hartford Insurance Company provides accident insurance coverage to protect volunteers if they are injured during the course of their volunteer activities. This policy also covers 4-H youth members and one-time participants in 4-H activities or programs.  The link below will take you to information about the insurance policies and the forms to submit a claim.

Please scroll to: 
   X.  4-H Accident and Sickness Insurance
         A. Required Participation in the California 4-H UC Accident/Insurance Program
               Insurance CA 4-H Accident/Sickness Insurance Program Brochure
          D. Filing an Accident/Sickness Claim Form