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Countywide Project Leader Instructions

Countywide Project Description:

Please complete the Countywide Project Description survey and upload your countywide project description (prefer it to be in MS Word).  This will need to be completed for EACH countywide project you are leading. 

We will post a countywide project AFTER the following are completed and/or received:

  • Project Leader has completed 4honline enrollment.
  • Project Leader has completed ALL online volunteer training.
  • Project Leader has completed the countywide project survey & uploaded the countywide project description.
  • Project Leader has submitted the project leader agreement.
  • Project Leader has submitted program fees.
  • Additionally, for NEW Volunteers
    • Completed livescan background check, with Cleared prints
    • Completed New Volunteer Interest Survey

Remember:  Primary Members, those 5-8 yrs by December 31, 2021, are in separate project groups from regular Members, 9-19 yrs by December 31, 2021

State Project List 2021-2022 updated 8-6-21

Your project description must include the following:

  • Limit of number of members in the project, if applicable. Ratio may not exceed 10 members per 2 certified adult leaders
  • Age group of the project (5-8 Primary, 9-19 yrs, 11-13 yrs, 14-19 yrs, etc.)
  • Time, date and location of project meetings
  • Member experience requirements
  • All required components, including project meeting attendance requirements
  • The project leaders(s) contact information: phone number & email address
  • Expected costs associated with the project
  • Project Goals
  • Topics covered
  • Field Trips, Events, etc.
  • Skills to be taught
  • Safety Component
  • Equipment, required or provided
  • Guest Speakers