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Returning Adult Volunteers


2021-2022 Program Year

Training Requirements

Applying to be a 4-H adult volunteer:

All 4-H adult volunteers must apply and be appointed annually.

You are re-enrolling, DO NOT create a NEW family profile in 4-H Online 2.0!

The following mandatory items must be completed within 30 days of initiating ANY step of the enrollment process.  

Please follow the steps below to apply to be a 4-H adult volunteer.

  1. Submit 4-H adult volunteer application online at: https://v2.4honline.com, this will begin your re-enrollment.  4-H Online 2.0 adult status will show as pending. 

    Please read the 4-H Online 2.0 Family Enrollment Guide & Adult Volunteer Enrollment Process below.  
    4-H Online 2.0 Family Enrollment Guide
    Adult Volunteer Enrollment Process

    4-H Online 2.0 Family Videos-New!
    Family Video - Creating a New Family Account in 2.0
    Family Video - Family Login & Adding a New Family Member
    Family Video - Family Login & Enrolling an Adult Volunteer

  2. Complete the required online training in eXtension* at: ‘2021-2022 California 4-H Returning Volunteers Training’.
    1. Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers (approx. 15 min)

(*Note: Once adult status is pending in 4-H Online 2.0, an email will be sent from 4-H Online with instructions to take the required trainings in eXtension along with the county password. Check your junk/clutter/spam folder, if this email is not in your inbox. If needed, the password can be requested by clicking on this link: County Password request).

  1. Complete any additional trainings required by your county.

♦  All 4-H Adult Volunteers - COVID-19 Training: 2021-22 COVID-19 Training

♦  Food Safety Training - For volunteers leading a food related project, serving or preparing food for 4-H meetings/events/activities/fundraisers. Training information is  posted at:  http://solano4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Food_Safety_Education/

4.  Download Responsibilities of 4-H Project Leaders 2021-22 PDF, complete and
     submit a Project Leader Agreement via google form upload.

5.  Submit Program Fees - $30  for the 2021-2022 Program Year.

   ALL Solano County 4-H Clubs are covering the program fees for their adult volunteers!
Convenient online payment process with no convenience fees!. 
Online payment of 4-H Program Fees - $0

6.  The application is reviewed by the county director after you have completed steps

♦ If approved, notification of your 4-H adult volunteer appointment will be sent from 4HOnline. If no email address is available, a letter will be sent by mail from the county director.

♦ If there are any limitations on the appointment, a subsequent letter will be sent from the county director.

♦ If not approved, a letter will be sent to the applicant from the county director.