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Food Safety Education

Make It Safe, Keep It Safe

Food safety is a priority for all events to maintain a healthy environment and to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.  It is important that 4-H groups prepare and serve food in compliance with state laws and local health department rules, including securing appropriate permits.  Where the risk is higher, such as events where food is served to large number of people in the public, food safety training is essential.

The goal of food safety education is to minimize the risk of foodborne illness at 4-H events where food is prepared or served.  This information is available as brochures.

General food safety information provided is available by clicking:  Food Safety Education.

An online resource to introduce food safety to volunteer leaders is also available.  The content is based upon the UCANR curriculum Make It Safe, Keep It Safe.

The quiz at the end of the program will provide the 4-H staff with your score.  The passing score is 82% (9 of 11). You may take the quiz as many times as you need.  

If you have taken food safety training in the past, you will need to take and pass the training and quiz annually (July 1 - June 30), at the link below.  

The link will take you to the UCANR Food Safety Education.  Here is the link to the training and quiz:  Food Safety Training & Quiz 2020-2021.  Use the following to sign in:  username: miskis and password:  makeitsafe_1234.   Please click on Intro at the top of the page to begin.  Please read all pages and use the link at the bottom of each page to continue to the next section. 

Food Preservation

Below are project manuals, a kit and a guide to be used in 4-H food preservation projects - freezing, pressure canning, food preservation, drying and boiling water canning.  They are all in PDF format.

Getting Started in Food Preservation Leaders Guide PDF
Food Preservation Members Kit PDF
Boiling Water Canning Project Manual PDF
Drying Project Manual PDF
Freezing Project Manual PDF
Pressure Canning Project Manual PDF